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About Us

Thoroughbred Breeders New South Wales Ltd (TBNSW) operates  to promote, advance, encourage and co-ordinate the thoroughbred breeding industry in New South Wales in conjunction with the federal body, Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA), and its marketing arm, Aushorse.

It is the representative body for breeders and fosters a unified approach in promoting the industry and NSW-bred horses both locally and internationally.
TBNSW and TBA  represent the interests of breeders in negotiating with  racing industry authorities, state and federal governments, the Australian Stud Book, veterinary bodies, race clubs and other organisations to improve the breeding industry, enhance the financial viability of breeders and ensure horse welfare.
Applications for membership are welcomed from anyone interested in the thoroughbred.

Acting President: Mr Tom Kelly
Vice President: Mr Tom Kelly
Treasurer: Mr Patrick Power

Mr Olly Tait

Mr Hamish Esplin

Mr Stuart Lamont

Mr Peter Orton

Ms Caroline Searcy

Mr Les Young


Executive Officer: Mrs Julianne Christopher
Past Presidents
Mr Frank Thompson Major E.N. Larkin Mr John Kelso Mr Fred Peisah Mrs Pamela Rose
Mr Lionel Israel Mr Jim Bartholomew Mr Richard Turnley Mr Michael Ryan Mr John Muir
Mr Trevor Lobb Mr Derek Field        
Life Members
Mr Jim Bartholomew
Mr John Clift
Mrs Jennifer Churchill
Mr John Inglis
Mr Lionel Israel
Mr John Kelso
Mr John W. Kelly
Major E.N. Larkin
Mr Russ Lazarus
Mr Trevor Lobb
Mr John Muir
Mr Fred Pesiah
Ms Anne Raymond
Mrs Pamela Rose
Mr George Ryder
Mr Don Storey
Mr Richard Turnley
Mr Les Young