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Applications for membership of TBNSW are welcome and open to anyone interested in the thoroughbred – you do not need to be a registered breeder.
Click here to download a  Membership Application/Renewal form

BENEFITS of membership include:

Free copy mailed to members of the annual publication  Stallions, a fully illustrated, full colour publication featuring objective, standardised information on the vast majority of commercial  stallions standing throughout Australia.Fully indexed, Stallions is packed with information on pedigrees and racing performances and has a retail value of $150.
Regular magazines published by TBNSW and a recently upgraded website with links to studs and industry bodies and suppliers.
Expert  general advice and information on all thoroughbred  breeding matters.
If we are unable to assist  we should be able to put you in touch with someone who can help or answer your query.   

Thoroughbred Breeders NSW Ltd

PO Box 198, Randwick, NSW 2031
Ph: 02 9398 8811   Fax: 02 9398 8084  Email: